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Roger's Action Plan

Sustainable Educational Excellence Plan
The Denver Public Schools are at a crossroads. Implementation of the Denver Plan has yielded successes and we've learned lessons about how our mission may be better achieved. All good plans must change and adapt as we move forward. Now is a critical time to reinforce the positive and retool the strategies that are not producing the desired results. We must begin to think differently about our Denver public schools.

Our school district is overly focused on new schools and outsourcing education. It is missing the opportunity to apply the lessons learned in recent years to all of our public schools. There is also too much conflict in our city's school system: between the district and its teachers, within the communities the district serves, and between factions on the board. Sustainable success depends on a collaborative environment. I will work hard to achieve the trust and respect needed for effective collaboration. I will listen to, and work with, all stakeholders, not simply those who already hold my views.

My Sustainable Educational Excellence Plan represents a fresh look at the way we deliver public education. It is based on four strategies:

Guiding Principles
Improvements to all our schools must be both universal and sustainable. Short-term strategies that cannot be sustained only disappoint and foster cynicism. Universal and sustainable improvement in our schools must embody several guiding principles.

Great Schools in Every Neighborhood

Data-informed Accountability

Culture of Excellence, Trust, Respect, and Collaboration

Why Roger Kilgore is the right person at the right time for school board:
Independent, thoughtful, and collaborative representation is needed on the school board to bring needed improvements to Denver’s public schools. Roger Kilgore has the right skills and experience.

Supplemental Responses for the A+ Denver Survey
(August 13, 2013)