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About Roger

Roger is committed to Improving our Schools:

Roger’s parents recognized the value of a good education. Both grew up in struggling Nebraska farm communities at a time when there were few opportunities in rural America. After high school Roger’s father joined the Army wanting to serve his country and looking for training in a skill that could lead to a job after his Army service. When he returned to the states after serving in Korea, he went to California with an Army buddy hoping to find work. During high school, Roger’s mother took advantage of a rural education program and earned a teaching certificate to teach in the local one-room school house of first through eighth graders. After teaching for one year, she married, moved to California, and started raising children.

Roger attended the elementary school in his neighborhood. With the hard work of his parents, the support of relatives and family friends, and the inspiration and talent of many teachers, Roger graduated from his public high school and went on to attend the local community college where he earned an Associate in Arts degree. He transferred to a four-year university and successfully completed his four-year degree and continued on to earn a Master’s degree in engineering. Roger was the first in his family to attend college, followed by his younger sister.

While in graduate school, Roger met his wife, Sue. They live in the Park Hill neighborhood in northeast Denver and have been married for over 30 years. Sue is an attorney with the federal government. Roger has over 30 years of business consulting experience in the water resources engineering field. He has been running his own business for the past 13 years.

Roger also enjoys teaching, having taught college courses and adults for the past 20 years. He and Sue are both active in the community through their church, organizing and staffing summer urban day camps for neighborhood kids, and volunteering in our schools.